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Responsive family law mediator uses mediation to address family law matters

Legal disputes involving family are often emotional, and it may seem difficult to find common ground. At the Mediation Offices of Martin F Triano in Berkeley, I understand the complexity of these situations and help clients in the San Francisco Bay area, the surrounding counties and internationally with obtaining amicable solutions through family law mediation. Having served as both legal counsel and mediator in these matters, I know how to foster compromise and facilitate positive results. Whether you need to formulate a child custody plan, negotiate the division of marital property or resolve issues relating to a family business, our Berkeley family law mediator will help you understand your options and give you tools to make good decisions.

What to expect in mediation?

Mediation is designed to encourage communication and creative solutions to legal problems. Consequently, it is less formal than the courtroom, there are no limitations on what can be discussed, and unless all sides agree, the outcome is not binding. Further, unlike litigation, the parties are often placed in separate rooms to promote open discussion and reduce possible animosity. The mediator travels between rooms, relaying information and suggesting potential resolutions. However, a mediator must remain neutral and cannot provide legal advice or advocate for a particular side. I aim to reduce confusion and hesitation around using mediation and will fully explain what to anticipate.

Is mediation mandatory in family law cases?

While mediation is not generally required, California does mandate mediation in child custody disputes. Specifically, parents unable to agree on child custody must first go through mediation before allowing the case to proceed. Since parents with shared custody must remain in continual contact with each other, parenting plans formulated in mediation are much more likely to work long-term. This is especially important in foreign child custody matters, as cooperation is ultimately the best way to resolve extremely complex legal issues. Child custody mediation is highly complicated, and I will ensure you understand the applicable law.

What are the advantages of mediating your family law issues?

While litigation is the traditional choice to settle a legal dispute, in the context of family law matters, it is seldom the most beneficial route. Mediation offers a number of financial, emotional and practical advantages over litigation, including:

  • Flexible scheduling and lower costs
  • Privacy is preserved and children have less exposure to the legal process
  • Tailored solutions that reduce the likelihood of future disputes

Maintaining communication with your ex-spouse throughout the process is easier

If you are looking for a less contentious alternative, mediation could be a good fit, and I will provide reliable advice and support throughout the process.

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At the Mediation Offices of Martin F. Triano in Berkeley, I provide family law mediation services to the San Francisco Bay area, surrounding counties and in international cases. Call (510) 548-8081 or contact me online to schedule a free consultations at my office.