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Helping clients achieve successful results through mediation

A bad result in a legal dispute can have disastrous consequences, so having control over the outcome is critical. At the Mediation Offices of Martin F. Triano in Berkeley, I serve as mediator and provide legal representation to clients in the San Francisco Bay area, the surrounding counties and internationally in a variety of areas including family law, real estate and business mediation. My firm has deep roots in the legal community and is known for delivering attentive and determined assistance in all legal matters. Whether you seeking to resolve a construction defect, the payment of alimony or a breach of contract claim, I will help you reach an agreement.

What is the role of a third-party mediator?

Mediation allows parties to work out their differences in a controlled and neutral environment. The mediator is there to facilitate a negotiated settlement by offering possible points of compromise and streamlining communication. However, the mediator does not direct the process or the outcome and remains neutral throughout. Having an experienced Bay Area mediator can greatly increase the chances of a good result, and I am skilled at helping parties successfully resolve their issues.

How family law mediation can preserve relationships and improve communication

Family law cases involve a lot of stress and putting a matter before a judge is likely to increase animosity. Mediation can reduce adversarial feelings and make it easier for spouses to remain civil and talking, which is vitally important if there are children. By giving spouses/parents a forum to fully voice their concerns and interests, mediation fosters better communication and often leads to more sustainable solutions. I understand the sensitive nature of these disputes and will work to facilitate a well-reasoned settlement.

What are the advantages of real estate mediation?

Property disputes are often high stakes, and going to court when it isn’t absolutely necessary is risky and expensive. Choosing to mediate typically produces a more satisfactory result and a greater willingness to comply with the terms of the settlement reached. Further, mediation is less intimidating, allows for more active involvement and supports resolving a range of issues that would be difficult to address through litigation. It is also significantly faster than litigation. I am adept at assessing complex real estate issues, such as boundary disputes title issues, and will help you understand the best path to a workable solution.

Why companies should consider using mediation to resolve legal issues

Companies routinely encounter internal and external legal issues that could disrupt their business. Mediation is often the optimal choice to address these problems because it tends to preserve relationships and maintain privacy, both of which are important to business operations and reputation. I assist domestic and foreign companies in many types of business mediation matters, including business dissolution and contract disputes and will help you communicate your key interests.

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At the Mediation Offices of Martin F. Triano, I provide mediation services to the San Francisco Bay area, surrounding counties and internationally in a variety of situations. Please call (510) 548-8081 or contact me online to schedule a free consultations at my Berkeley office.