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Resolving a property dispute often requires more flexibility than the remedies available in litigation. At the Mediation Offices of Martin F. Triano in Berkeley, I handle a range of real estate mediation issues, serving as mediator for parties in the San Francisco area and the surrounding counties. With decades of experience addressing complex property cases, I know which solutions work and how to identify the factors that will influence the outcome of a case. Whether you have a property line dispute with a neighbor, a construction defect claim against a contractor or a dispute over land use or compliance with zoning laws, I can offer comprehensive and proven options to resolve your issues and will give your matter the attention it needs.

When is mediation appropriate?

When a real estate dispute escalates to the point of litigation, it is always to a good idea to first consider mediation to avoid the time, expense and uncertainty of court. In fact, California judges often expect, and sometimes order, parties to engage in mediation before a case can proceed. Further, any dispute involving California Association of Realtors forms must be mediated before filing a court action if the prevailing party wants to preserve the right to collect attorney’s fees. Having a say in the outcome of your dispute can lead to much better results, and I will explain how mediation could benefit you.

What types of real estate issues can be addressed through mediation?

The laws surrounding property ownership and use are quite complex, and as a result, there are many issues that can arise with a widely diverse set of parties. The following are some of the property disputes I routinely handle, though the full extent of my experience is much broader:

  • Neighbor disputes related to property lines, fencing and view obstruction
  • Construction defect claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Easements
  • Title disputes
  • Trespass
  • Nuisance

Receiving experienced guidance from an experienced Berkeley real estate mediator can streamline and improve the effectiveness of mediation, and I am dedicated to delivering high-quality and sound assistance.

How does a mediator facilitate settlement?

Direct communication between disputing parties often leads to more disagreement and division. Mediation aims to remove this obstacle by inserting mediators as neutral go-betweens who try to bridge any gaps blocking settlement. Specifically, the mediator will look for common ground, encourage concessions and make suggestions to facilitate agreement. This process is voluntary, and the mediator never forces settlement, but instead, offers options only after examining all aspects of the case. I have 19 years of mediator experience and am adept at developing creative solutions to highly complex issues.

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